Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shuguri SG-6-A Shinkou Boke (new drawing 1)

1940's, by Arthur, Japan, Military, WW2@drawnpatrol

The SG-6 Shinkou Boke or "Rising Fool", was to be Japan's singular attempt at a v.t.o.l. aircraft.
However, due to increasing wartime restrictions, the Shiguri company was forced to use inferior materials on this project.
Namely, the liberal use of bamboo on most structures, a treacherous material at best. That, perhaps lead to the prototype's very demise. Yet, the Shinkou Boke had Some rather interesting features. To begin with,
it was armed with one 75mm cannon (whose breech almost filled the cockpit) and one 50 cal. machine gun. The pilot sat on a pivoting seat for transitional purposes, but, if not careful could strike their head on the cannon. Lastly, the rear portion of the fuselage, had to be extensively glazed, in order for the pilot to view down for a landing.


Jamie Baker said...

this is a nice one, Arthur.

Arthur Filloy said...

Thanks Jamie,

I have to even out the score now, as Simon had drawn a bunch more than I, at least for this first batch. Prolific little possum that Simey.

Jamie Baker said...

yeah, no kidding. Prolific and talented. And funny. And a great human being. Makes all his own clothes too.