Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miles-Pithley Travelux V-4

1930's, Britain, by Arthur, Civilian@drawnpatrol

The ever popular "Travelux", camping, aeroclubing, or just flying about.
The future people's plane.


jshu said...

Fantastique! I'm lovin this stream of aeronautic consciousness! makes me wanna drop the day job for a couple days and just cram as many airplane drawings into a ream of paper. Thx for the aspiration!

Jamie Baker said...

Jay. Just you wait! These guys have a TON of these left to post. Plus some new ones too. My fave is yet to be posted; the soviet plane lathed from pig iron

Arthur Filloy said...


Hey, thanks for the feedback, and it sure would be supercool if you sent in a drawing or two.
Yes, wouldn't we all love to take,....even a month off, just to do some stuff that's fun, and eat through several reams of paper. (if our rent was covered of course.)