Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back in the old days.......

...My pals and I worked at the old Hanna Barbera studio. In order to avoid boredom, we would often draw planes for fun.
It was all about tough planes you know, fast and with lots of firepower. We began to push these planes in to the extremely
ridiculous, and more importantly,....the "what if" category.
Of course it goes without saying, that in view of all the toughness about, I could not resist the temptation of going for the
lame and pathetic. Aircraft whose power is not even adequate to swing a prop.

The first of these old drawings were done in the early 80's. They were drawn by either Simon O'leary or myself.
Later on, other folk in the studio began to contribute, they shall be named accordingly.

The aim of this blog is to re-kindle those old days by drawing funny pictures of aircraft once again.
This, may well bring some old friends in to the blog, as well as some likeminded newcomers.

The Main rule is:.......Cartoony drawings of aircraft in a ridiculously functional way.


Jamie Baker said...

Boy oh Boy, these pix bring back some great memories. I used to get a huge kick out of seeing you guys draw these, even though (or perhaps BECAUSE) I have always been crap and drawing gizmos myself.

I can't wait to see you post more of that old stuff and some new stuff too. Seems like there might be one or two GASSITs that could be posted, in theme, as well.

Arthur Filloy said...

There are literary boxes of these old drawings here at home. all kinds of themes as well.
We had a lot of fun back then.
So don't you worry mate, there'll be a huge warm steamy load of old drawings coming up!