Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garrand & Demler P-84 "Scorpion"

1940's, by Arthur, Military, North America, WW2@drawnpatrol

Even today, the mystery that beset the P-84 Scorpion is unfathomable. To think that, as early as 1941, the Garrand and Dempler company had presented a working prototype of this exceptional aircraft to the U.S. Government and it was NOT well received.
The U.S. Air Force had trialed the machine, and found nothing but virtue in its overall performance.
Turn radius was excellent, a 10.000 ft. per minute climb rate, a light wing loading
( even when fully armed and fuelled), cruise at 450 mph., no unusual, or nasty flight tendencies, and above all, a dream for the maintenance crews.
What more could one ask for, and yet the congressional war command declined the type, owing largely, to a lack of confidence in the Garrand and Dempler co., as they were only previously known for the manufacture of lawnmowers.

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