Friday, November 6, 2009

Caproni Calabrone Ca-35-c

1940's, by Arthur, Italy, Military@drawnpatrol

This remarkable aircraft was originally flown between 1946 and 1948 by the belligerent air force units of the newly formed "Aeronautica Militare Italiana".
The Calabrone was a nimble machine with a top speed of 625 mph,
a match for any jet plane of the era.
It was armed with two 40mm. and four 20mm. cannon.
The airframe was of traditional alloy with a good 30mm armour plate protecting the cockpit, power was supplied by a twin row radial/turbo compound engine, capable of 4.200 hp. plus 1.200 lbs of jet thrust.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Strelski 3003T

Another fine contribution from Ken Fletcher.

1930's, by Ken Fletcher, Civilian, Military, Spontoon Island,@drawnpatrol

This is a civilian airline version of the Strelski 3003T patrol/torpedo bomber. It is from Vostok, a White Russian nation on large islands in the Central North Pacific Ocean. This civilian aircraft is likely to be part of the Vostok Naval Reserve, and it can be easily converted into an armed Navy seaplane.

The Southwing SW40-P

From Spontoon Island a very nice floatplane indeed.

1930's, by Ken Fletcher,Spontoon Island, Civilian,@drawnpatrol

The Southwing SW 40-P is a small floatplane fighter, part of a series of seaplanes marketed to small island nations in the South Pacific by a consortium of designers & manufacturers from New Zealand and Australia.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yet More Submissions Woohoo!

From the amazing Taral Wayne we have a host of wonderful new/old aviation treats,
these were drawn long ago, as long ago as most of the other drawings on this blog.
A wonderful coincidence and a great find indeed.
Taral can be reached at: Taral Wayne []

We begin with the beautiful Talbot-Leland SEA GORGON (Type B)

1930's, by Taral Wayne, Canada, Military, @drawnpatrol

Check out the rest of Taral's drawings.....

Vicker's Armstrong CB-3 "Manchu" Duck

1940's, by Taral Wayne, Canada, Military@drawnpatrol

Rolls Royce Buccaneer YF- 74


P-71-D Sidewinder

1940's, by Taral Wayne, Canada, Military@drawnpatrol

Now that's tough.

P-42 Stingray

1950's, by Taral Wayne, Canada, Military@drawnpatrol

I bet this baby had an awesome roll rate.

SB-4 Vultura

1940's, by Taral Wayne, Military@drawnpatrol

Truly a behemoth canard bomber armed like a porcupine.

Carreidas 90-1-A Chilkout

1950's, by Taral Wayne, Civilian@drawnpatrol

Sorta like a twin engined Connie but cuter.

Straffing Run

1970's, by Taral Wayne, Military@drawnpatrol

A nice little burner.

Course Correction

1940's, 1950's, by Taral Wayne, Germany, Military@drawnpatrol

""Course Correction" uses a fictional character I invented, called Saara Mar. This particular illustration is of the "couldn't happen" variety, as Saara didn't arrive on Earth until 1970. I just couldn't resist it."
A fine 109 by Taral Wayne

Saturday, October 10, 2009

From A Far Away Isle

The good folk over at Spontoon Island flew over for a visit in some rather outsatanding seaplanes.
It was great finding Ken Fletcher and this amazing site.....
Such coincidental like-mindedness! Truly an awesome find, check it out.
These submissions are only the beginning folks, so stay tuned for more to come....

Foxbat 5

1930's, Ken Fletcher, Ken Singshow, Sea Planes, Spontoon Island@drawnpatrol

Osprey Flying Boat

1930's, Ken Fletcher, Ken Singshow, Sea Planes, Spontoon Island@drawnpatrol

1930's, Ken Fletcher, Ken Singshow, Sea Planes, Spontoon Island@drawnpatrol

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Would this work?

O.k, here's an idea that may or may not work, but I'll give it a shot anyhow.

I start off an A-4 page comic strip based in a made up scenario, leave it in cliffhanger mode and then invite anyone who's interested to carry on the comic strip for one more page and then leave that in cliffhanger mode for the next person.
Sort of a " chinese whispers air combat comic strip."
This could be fun......

Air combat comic strip@drawnpatrolAny takers?..........