Sunday, May 18, 2008

Twin Engined Mustang

North American P-61 Sidewinder (my version of a twin Mustang)
1950's, by Arthur, Military, North America, WW2@drawnpatrol

Although the P-61 emerged directly from the Mustang stable, the concept was attacked with all sorts of controversy regarding its performance. Nevertheless, the North American Aircraft company succeeded with their "Sidewinder", having flown straight off the drawing board in early November 1948, the P-61 commenced performance trials as early as January of the same year.
The trials proved to be unexpectedly staggering, showing speeds in excess of 540 mph. and with its 8 stage supercharger, climbing to 43.000 feet in half the time of its predecessor, the P-55 Colt.
The p-61 has always been favored by pilots for its "Easy handling" characteristics and its quick response to the slightest hint of stick movement.
Another pilot pleaser, is the reliable, yet powerful engines on the Sidewinder. Originally intended to be powered by a pair of less potent Rolls Royce Death Adders, the P-61 is now fitted with the new Pratt and Whitney "Demon" series engines,each capable of well over 4.000 hp.

Image inset:
This particular wing, is possibly serving with the combined 8th. U.S. Air Force and the Chinese 15th. Air Brigade based in "Ntang-Hoi-Xo" just south of the Koh-Tang group of Islands.

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