Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Second Contribution

1950's, by John Kratovil,Russia, Military, @drawnpatrol

Yuri 'Iceman' Gagarine pilots his Mig 15 down 'Mig Alley' in February 1953
Gagarine never got over the joshing he constantly got over sharing a
name with the first cosmonaut
He died tragically while attempting to defrost his Gaz tourer on a cold
Moscow morning
Following a hearty breakfast of Vodka, he had lit a wood fire under the

1950's, by John Kratovil,Russia, Military, @drawnpatrol

Mikhael Gregorevich Leermontov, a hero of his time, felt more at home in
the seat of his Mig 17 once he had had it replaced with the seat from
his family's tractor in Minsk.

1950's, by John Kratovil,Russia, Military, @drawnpatrol

Vasili Ivanovich Krapov made a gift of his Fishbed to the people of
Uraguay, when he flew off course during the Latin American Soccer Wars
of the late 60s.
His original plan had been to defect to Peru, but navigation had never
been his strong suit. In fact, althoughVasili was a nice kid, he was as
sharp as a wet sponge.

1950's, by John Kratovil,Russia, Military, @drawnpatrol

Into the wild red, white and blue yonder

From the awesome John Kratovil we have received a sweet bunch of planes.
Thanks for all the art John!


Jamie Baker said...

oh hey, nice! I haven't checked in here (or anyhwere for that matter) ina while...

Arthur Filloy said...


Yeah, John found the blog and sent me a pile of drawings, how cool was that?