Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tupolev TU- 116-K "Cod Piece" (new drawing 3)

by Arthur, Military, Russia, Sea Plane 1950's, WW2@drawnpatrol

The "Grom" as it was called, meaning "thunder", was undeniably an awesome aircraft indeed.
Designed specifically for the "Morskaya Aviatsiya" (Soviet Naval Air Service), as a fighter/strike aircraft in the Bering Sea Campaign.The Grom soon became a tactical favorite.
Enhanced by the warmed-up 2.300 Hp. Klimov engine and armed with twin 75mm. cannon, this seaplane was a tough and versatile opponent against the Imperial Japanese Navy.


Jamie Baker said...

fantastic drawing Arthur, just fantastic...

Arthur Filloy said...


Awwww, shucks!

I just wish I had more time.
Too many planes to draw.