Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dornier Do 690 " Uberfalke" (New Drawing 2)

1950's, by Arthur, Germany, Military, WW2@drawnpatrol

Dornier Uberfalke over Norway, wating to pounce on a bomber formation.

During what was clearly the "Jet-age", Dornier pushed yet another prop driven fighter design.
This time, with an emphasis on handling, firepower and good all-round vision.
A compound-turbo augmented Daimler-Hirsch engine was adopted, providing a boost up to 4.100 hp.,
and this allowed for a top speed of 475 mph.
The 690 would prove to be a formidable opponent against next generation of enemy jet fighters.

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Jamie Baker said...

hoi! This is a nice pic and all (great, in fact) but where's all the rest? keep 'em coming, you slackers!